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He’s been working on many new songs for us and until he records a new album his live shows will have to tide you over. Much like a few other sets I basically just let loose and enjoyed this set...This was EASILY one of the biggest sets of the weekend by far (Muddy Roots 2017), I enjoyed the entire set and folks for me to stay and forget to write the set list down is unheard of. This man is a sure bet for a BARNBURNER SHOW every time he is on stage.

Gary Hayes -

"If Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley had a child, he'd probably sing like Sean K. Preston. His voice and solid grasp of Americana and roots country music make him an asset to any playlist."
Quad City Times

"I discovered this performer while I was on the Harmony Database and he is pretty darn terrific. His name is Sean K. Preston and he plays a style of rockabilly that reminds me alot of post-punk bands like THE GUN CLUB. If you listen to the studio version of this song "Money" you'll see that he even has a very similar voice to the great Jeffrey Lee Pierce. I love guys like this - they are the heart and soul of rock n roll."
Jim C - Craigslist Vintage Guitar Hunt

"At first glance Sean K. Preston seems like the typical cowboy. Could be the hat, ratty jeans or the boots that look they have walked cross country and back. He then saunters to the microphone and the most unbelievable sounds come forth. Preston's music is a mix of hard core blues, punk, country and true rock n' roll. He sings of love, loss, misadventure, and the power of wanderlust. You want to close your eyes and go on a journey with him. The voice is vulnerable, gritty and then tender."
Kathleen Kline -

"I have heard many many stories of his stage presence and It’s NOT EASY to impress me to the extent that Mr. Sean did...This man brings an old school Country sound with his own twist to it. I saw his respect for Country Music’s Legends like I have in his set and it made me instantly relate to him and his music."
Gary Hayes -

"There is some truly impressive crooning on [The Colt From Old]Regret-check out "Red River Valley."

Travis Kitchens - Baltimore City Paper

“Haunting and intense, “Money” is a story and a message. “Oh, my soul so heavy, oh my soul.” Think rockabilly legend Elvis Presley meets rockabilly legend Johnny Cash-but maybe sadder, darker and truer.”
—  Janet Yaceczko,

".... it's hard to ignore the incredible energy that comes from the stage." "When you see 'Sean K. Preston & the Loaded Pistols' on the marquee, get your ass in the door for a show that you don't want to miss."
—  Katie Jacobson, The Hard Times Magazine

“Sean K Preston oozes talent and goodness that is Outlaw Country, Americana, Gothic Americana and more...Sean mailed me this CD to check out and possibly play on my show and I was blown away....Its not often that a CD that I really really like lands in my PO box...It is currently in heavy rotation in my music selection and I have played several tracks from this Self Titled release in my show...If you dig Outlaw Country and Dark Gothic Americana then you need this CD for your collection...I HIGHLY recommend it! ”
—  DWB from - Lonestar Texabilly Radio, CD Baby Review

"The highlight of BikeFest 2011 live music is slated for Saturday, September 17, at the Steer Inn Tavern on Racetrack Road. Sean K. Preston & the Loaded Pistols will take the stage at the Steer Inn at 9:00 on Saturday night. From Baltimore, Maryland, this talented band blends the best of blues, country, and Americana musical styles."......."Sean is known for engaging the crowd and delivering heartfelt rock-n-roll. 
—  Jenny Samuels, coconut times

“In most ways, Sean K. Preston is a born frontman, as he has a certain presence about him. That is not to say that he has gone out of his way to affect some ideal image of what his singer/songwriter persona should be, since his singer/songwriter persona is his true self, through and through.”
—  J. Carlson, Philadelphia Indie Music Examiner

“Sean brings a wealth of vocal, guitar, and songwriting talent to the table along with a natural stage presence. He is the rare "musician AND entertainer" in an age of talent search goobers and smoke and light show overkill. BUY THIS ALBUM! GO TO HIS GIGS! You won't be disappointed.”
—  Hank, CD Baby Review