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Happy New Year!

Greetings...SKP here...hope you're well and gearing up for the New Year...can ya feel it? It's the time of reflection and turning inward...planting seeds for the next harvest...are ye ready? I'm really looking forward to the New Year. ...myself and The Loaded Pistols have been working on the new much cool stuff hinges on this new record and I can hardly wait to show ya'll...i know so many artists say this when they're workin' on a new record...but eff it...I'll say it anyway...this one's gonna be really great. I'm literally shaking while i sit and think about it and type this...of course...i've also had a bunch of coffee this morning!  Here's a video that was shot at The Lost Well in Austin TX of one of the new songs, "Homeward Bound" that'll be on the album. God bless all ya'll and best wishes for the New Year...  SKP


Very excited to announce my partnership with Prava Recordings. We started work on the new record this month & it couldn't be going better! Looking at a 2016 release & tour & I can't wait to share the work we are doing.


Prava Sessions

Had a chance to go to to New Holland PA. to perform & record some songs for Prava Creative Studios for the Prava Sessions.  What a great time with great folks! Click on over to VIDEOS to watch or buy the digital download at ITUNES , GOOGLE PLAY or AMAZON.