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Very excited to announce my partnership with Prava Recordings. We started work on the new record this month & it couldn't be going better! Looking at a 2016 release & tour & I can't wait to share the work we are doing.


Prava Sessions

Had a chance to go to to New Holland PA. to perform & record some songs for Prava Creative Studios for the Prava Sessions.  What a great time with great folks!

Click on over to VIDEOS to watch or buy the digital download at ITUNES , GOOGLE PLAY or AMAZON.

Live From Charm City 

Over a year ago now (damn!), I played a killer show with some very talented musicians, to a really great hometown audience. It was a magical night...the players and audience exceeded my expectations. It was all captured in a recording that is the live album, "Sean K. Preston Live From Charm City.”                                              

Stay tuned for purchase links or see me on the road to grab a copy!