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I want to be able to reach my most ardent supporters consistently. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc are all great...but...I want a truly reliable way to connect with you. I don't want us to be at the mercy of algorithms. The most important and intimate communications get lost in the shuffle. Through Patreon, I look forward to cutting through the noise and getting right to the true blue fans with loads of extra music, writings, video, behind the scenes stuff, works in progress, tour journals, announcements, exclusive merch, sneak peeks, special offers etc.


New & Noteworthy

Leaving this Wednesday to go back to Belgium...this time for @sjockfestival ...I'm pretty excited, even though I just got over the jet lag from our trip to @muddyrootseurope just last week. It's been really wonderful getting out on the road again, both here in the US and Europe. 2 things a lot of people have been saying are...1) the live streams during the onset of the pandemic were really appreciated...and 2) when is there going to be a new SKP record? 

I would love to do another live stream...I'll figure out when that'll happen after we get back from overseas...AND....we are going to be recording this summer for a NEW RELEASE. There's a bunch of songs that are in various states of completion, and some that we've been playing live, just never recorded. It's time's been about 3 years since "Forgive" was released. This next one is gonna be interesting.
Thankyou for reading and coming along for some of our journey when you can...I really appreciate all the love and encouragement we've been receiving out on the's wind in my sails. - ❤ SKP 

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